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Creative Developer, Graphic
Web, Game Development

Few words about me

Hello I'm 23 y/o from israel, self taught programmer with passion to graphic development, from my childhood i've was fascinated about the art of computers such as 3d, games and flash projects.. thats now belong to the past... so when i got my first computer i've struggle quite a while until i found how to develop the things i'd love to play or watch on, and today i'm seek for new challenges near or abroad, my tools to impress are Three.js , WebGL, Phaser, Wordpress, Node.js.
and as you can see im Huge JS Fan

Recent projects

Edvana, Ecommerce

RunningFox, 3D Browser Game

FlappyBear, 2D Browser Game

ShukHaikarim, Ecommerce

RatexILS, Wordpress Plugin

SendMeMSG, Wordpress Plugin

SaveTheCookie, My first game


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