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I'm ofek, 23 y/o self taught front-end developer

focus on developing smooth,animated and modern

web applications since 2018 ;) in the past years

i've tried and learned many tech's and libaries

for reaching the knowledge i was searching for

in the huge area of graphic development..mixing

webGL,Glsl,Three.js and many more and still learning

every day one new thing, it's a rule for me.


L'ets talk about your next project ?

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Ecommerce made with Wordpress / GSAP

I've work on a simple design provided by the project

designer, implementing simple animations via keeping

a minimalist design and user experience.

Launch website


2D Game made with Phaser engine

Small fun game as anybody know flappy bird, but now

with a sweet bear, animations made with gsap

Launch game


Corporate Website made with Wordpress

simple project with pre made design, i've implementing

animations with gsap and vanilla.js, and dashboard customization

Launch website


3D Game made with Three.js

Simple fun game, all you need is to catch frogs

and avoid the snowman's of course.. simple game

entitys made with vanilla js and three.js for 3d rendering

Launch game


Wordpress plugin

A way to connect with your website users by

whatsapp service, aim to owners of wordpress website

Launch game

Who IS Ofek ? Who IS Ofek ?